5 Most common mistakes when renting

Guests search for spaces for different reasons. You could be old, young, a student or a professional, but it doesn’t change a fact that most of them commit a mistake when renting. You should read about these mistakes to avoid them. A lot of complications and squabbles can result from these mistakes.

Most Common Mistakes of Renters

These 5 are the most common mistakes, and they are considered that for a reason.

  1. Failing to read about the location.

Most Guests fail to read about the location that they have their eye on. Remember, your location should be clean and safe. This allows you to be secure and have the peace of mind to enjoy your vacation

2. Failing to check guest reviews

Another huge, but a common mistake of Guests, is failing to check the reviews about the property. Judging through verbal promises and short descriptions can only go a long way. If the Owner deliberately missed out some parts of the property that have damage, then you’ll be at a loss when you finally arrive. Make sure that you check the different reviews about the unit first before deciding to rent it.

3. Failing to document the unit’s condition.

This mistake can cost you a lot of money. Many Owners demand a security deposit. This deposit is there to make sure that you can reimburse any damages and pay any maintenance or repair to the unit in case you damage it somehow. If you forget to document the unit’s condition, you will need to pay for any damage found that may not even be credited to you, just because you could not prove it otherwise.

4. Relying on verbal agreements.

A Guest should not only rely on verbal agreements. Those could easily be broken, without any consequences, and maybe without evidence. Make sure to write up written terms or contract to ensure that both you and the Owner will stay true to their words.

5. Failing to account your budget.

This is the most common out of all the mistakes here. Budgeting should be at the top of your head at these moments. However, emergency scenarios or shopping sprees can wreck this budget in an instant. Be sure to budget your vacation or stay properly and leave out money for emergencies and the security deposits. Failing to do so will result in a lot of complications, inconveniences, and maybe even debt.

Those are the 5 most common mistakes when renting. Be sure not tocommit these mistakes as they could lead to debt, injury, or all at once. When renting, remember that the unit is not your house. You should be careful and check every nook and cranny of the unit. Don’t be conservative. That unit is where you’ll stay for days, maybe even weeks. You deserve to get service equal to the amount you paid for!

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