Small Gestures; Big Impact

The Vacation Rental Service industry is reliant on one crucial thing–Trust. Make sure that your Guests trust you to deliver the best living quality that you could provide. You can then trust your Guests to pay the proper amount equal to the quality of your renting service.

A small gesture like a handshake when welcoming your guests will give you a very favorable opinion with them, making them trust you more. However, let’s start where most rental services are, on the internet.

  • Firstly, when chatting or negotiating with your guest, make sure you use proper grammar and come off as either charismatic or professional. This will make you more appealing to your guests because you seem to be experienced in this business. If others have stayed in your home rental, why shouldn’t they?
  • Second, wear a smile. Be sure to smile when talking to them. Like the first point, it will give you more credibility, and the Guests will like you more.
  • Next up, when meeting them, guide them around your house and make sure they become familiar and comfortable in it. Making them establish a connection in the house or unit, will make them like it more.
  • Clean up. Our unit should be as clean as you first took a step in it. It should be spotless and pristine. No one likes to live in a dirty house, and a clean environment ensures that your Guests are comfortable and relaxed, not minding any dust or grime in their surroundings.
  • Next, prepare their necessities. Offer necessities and toiletries free of charge. Your Guests are there for a vacation, not for supermarket shopping. This will be a really small gesture for you, but your Guests will appreciate it greatly. That is because, whatever is convenient for them, they will appreciate it.
  • Lastly, prepare for their visit. Don’t just act professional, BE professional. Make sure that your unit is ready for your Guests and that it contains proper facilities to make them feel at home. Don’t settle for ‘looking’ trustworthy. Be worth their trust.

Your Guests are worth all the processes that you’ll through to make them feel at home. These small gestures such as smiling and guiding them around the house will increase your trust level. With higher levels of trust, your Guests will also come back again and again to your unit, because they know that you can provide them with the best service that you can give.

Make sure to keep in mind these tips and gestures, as it will go a long way. The happier Guests leaving your unit, the better their reviews of their stay will be which will further drive in more Guests. You will never know. Maybe your Guests will recommend your unit to their friends, family, co-workers, and relatives. Small gestures; Huge impact, indeed!

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