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What is Aggar In Egypt:

Aggar In Egypt target is to fill the gap in the vacation rental market which exist between vacation home Owners and potential Guests. AIE is simply a digital platform enabling the connection between both parties (Owners & Guests). It is designed in a way to overcome the drawbacks and inconveniences of using unorganized methods. AIE is a state of art Rental online application, it helps Owners to list their properties in a few simple steps while having full control. They can enable them or disable them at any time, they can manage the property calendar, set available/unavailable dates set special prices for different dates like Easter or Xmas times, know enough information about any potential Guests through detailed “Know your Guest” form which helps in accepting/rejecting any “Booking Request”. All that FREE OF ANY CHARGES OR COMMISSIONS. As for Guests, it will help search hundreds of properties at reasonable prices, compare and book their dream vacations. If they don’t find what they are looking for, they can simply post a “Request” and Owners will respond to them directly.

How it works for Owners:

AggarInEgypt.com allows you to list your property, free of charge, and make it available for thousands of Guests to book in a few simple steps:
·         Register your profile
·         List your property. (Activate or De-activate)
·         Receive booking request
·         Accept / Reject the booking request.
·         Contact the Guest and Get advance payment.
·         Check-In your guest and get the balance payment
·         Check-Out your guest
·         Review your Guest

List your property:

-          Add your Unit to AggarinEgypt.com Free of charge, in a few minutes. Some great pictures, a nice description, your address on Google Maps a reasonable price and how it is paid, and it’s done.
-          Adjust your Calendar. Mark previously booked dates, un-available dates and the rest dates will be available for guests to send booking requests.
-          Sync your calendar with other sites like Airbnb or booking.com to avoid any double booking.
-          Special prices can be added to the Calendar for Special days like Eid or Xmas and other Holidays.  

Accept / Reject Booking Request from Guests:

-          You will receive booking request via email and messages in your profile Inbox. You need to reply within 24 Hours. If you don’t it will be canceled automatically, and you will not be able to contact the guest.
-          When you receive a booking request from a Guest, you will get detailed information about your guest. A “Know your Guest” form and/or social media profile allowing you to decide on whether to accept or reject the booking.
-          If you accept the booking:
o    contact information of both you and your guest will be revealed, and you can communicate directly to agree on payment procedures. (both advance payment and balance payment are done directly between you and the guest, not through the site. No Commissions, No Charges.)
o    Your property Calendar will be market as booked for the dates requested to avoid any double booking. And your unit will not show as available in new searches.
-          If you decide to reject the booking, your contact information will not be revealed to the guest avoiding any embarrassment.

Contact the Guest and get an advance payment to guarantee the booking:
-          Now, you accepted the booking, you can contact the Guest and agree on the payment procedure and timing, the price has been fixed and agreed by the Guest when he/she sent the booking request.

Get ready, Check-In your Guest:
-          Before your Guest arrives, make sure your place is clean and tidy and you’ve provided your guest with clean towels and bedding. Make sure that you or someone is available to allow your Guest in on time. Remember too, little welcome treats can do miracles.

Check-Out your guest on time:
Make sure that you or someone is available to allow your Guest out on time.

Review your Guest on the site.

How it works for Guests:

Aggar in Egypt allows you to book your short vacation in few simple steps:
·         Choose your dream unit. (Location, Check-in / Check-out dates & number of guests)
·         Add filters if you wish to zoom in closer to your choice (Price, number of bedrooms, amenities, etc.)
·         Review booking summary. The number of nights, Check-In / Check-Out dates, Price details including advance payment and the balance payment.
·         Complete your “know your guest” form to help owner knows you better and accepts your booking.
·         Send booking request to the owner. (by sending booking request you agree to the booking summary details, price and payment terms, and cancellation policy.)
·         When the Owner accepts your booking, you will receive email and message to your profile Inbox. All contact details for both of you and the Owner will be revealed and you can directly communicate together to proceed in the payment as agreed in the booking request. (No payment is done through our site. We only introduce Owners to Guests.)
·         Within 24 Hours if Owner rejects, or does not respond to your booking, it will be automatically canceled, and you can search for a new Unit.
·         If you have any questions before sending your booking request, you can contact the owner through our direct messaging system. ·         If you don’t find your desired property, you can post a booking request. Owners will see it and make you an offer for their available units. You can accept it or reject it. If you leave it without an answer for 24 hours, it will automatically expire.
·         On Check-in date, the Owner will allow you in the unit to enjoy your great vacation. ·         After check-out, we encourage you to “Review” the property, the owner and upload any photos or videos for the Unit. Enjoy your vacation with AggarInEgypt.com    

Is it safe:

Yes. From one hand, we review all experience and property listings prior to publishing them on our website. A listing that doesn’t meet the AggarinEgypt standards will not be published. We also provide reviews and recommendations that allow for firsthand commentary from people who have either stayed at the property or lived the experience. We suggest that all our Owners provide as many pictures and information as possible to facilitate the decision-making process for every Guest. We use the “know your Guest” form to allow Owners & Guests to know as much information as possible about each other. We also use the FLAG system, which allows any USER on our site to “Raise A Flag” when he/she suspect anything wrong. You can flag a property, a person or anything on the site. When you do that, the Admin is alerted and will suspend whatever is Flagged till is investigated and a decision is made about it.
From the other hand, we use the highest security measures to maintain the information of our users and their properties as safe as possible.

Why Use Aggar In Egypt?
  Thousands of people have summer houses in different locations of Egypt and like to rent them for some time to generate a stream of income. They spend fortunes on their properties and wouldn’t like to rent them to any door knocker whom they don’t know or want a middle man to cut a big slice of their rental. The Majority joined Facebook pages or groups where they can display their units and offer them for rent directly to a sort of best matching community.  They face inconveniencies, as they must post their units many times on Facebook to guarantee good visibility and they must keep answering questions about availability and price all the time from potential Guests. AIE is easy, fun, safe and different. It is a state of art application which will make managing your property or booking your vacation a piece of cake. It is FREE OF ANY CHARGES OR COMMISSIONS.  

What is different about Aggar In Egypt?
We are the first “Social Booking” platform. We count on the Social profile of Guests and Owners to facilitate Renting decision making. Guests use their Social profile to generate a “Know your Guest” form

Who can List properties on Aggar In Egypt?

Anyone with a cool place in an awesome location in Egypt. It’s free to sign up and to list your property. Whether it’s a room in your house or your entire property. 
8.     How is pricing determined on Aggar In Egypt?
Each Owner decides what to charge for his listing. Look around the site to price your property competitively. What you charge is what you get. We don’t get any Commission or charge on your price.  

My Account:
9.     What is the dashboard?

The dashboard is the user’s home page or portal where he controls his account, settings, bookings, listings, activities, inbox, etc.    

Why should I complete my user profile?
At AggarInEgypt, we seek to make traveling a more intimate experience. Since our focus is on properties and experiences owned or provided by individuals, we feel it is necessary and beneficial to give potential Owners and Guests a way to get to know each other better in advance. 

If I sign-in with my Facebook account, will it be visible on my profile? 

We only use your Facebook account to bypass our regular registration tool. Your name and Facebook photo will appear in your AggarInEgypt profile, but no other Facebook information will be included. The rest of the profile will have to be completed manually. 

Should I upload a photo of myself?

We strongly recommend it! However, it is not a requirement. 

What do I do if I forget my password?
Click Log In. On the middle of the page, you will find “Forgot your password” link which will guide you through the process to reset your password. 

How do I change the email address associated with my account?

To change your email, please contact customer support at support@aggarinegypt.com

How do I delete my account?

Please contact our customer support team at support@aggarinegypt.com

What is “Know your Guest” form?

“Know your Guest” is a form includes information about the Guest, it will be shared with the Owner when the Guest sends a “Booking Request” for one of his properties to help him know more about the Guest and decide on accepting/rejecting the rent. The contact details, telephone/mobile, and email address will only be revealed to the Owner when he accepts the “Booking request”

Why don’t all Owners & Guests have their profile pictures up?

Although we encourage all of our Users to upload photos of themselves, we have not yet made it an obligation.  Issues and Complaints:

What should I do if I am not happy with my Owner or Guest’s behavior? 
If you are an Owner not happy with your guest’s behavior or visa versa, we urge you to speak to him and try to solve the issue. If you cannot solve the problem, you can raise a dispute on the system, our customer support department will investigate the situation as soon as possible.  

How do I file a complaint if I have encountered a problem?
You can raise a dispute on the system, our customer support department will investigate the situation as soon as possible.    

Reviews & Recommendations:

How do I get reviews? 
After a guest stays at your property, we send them an email encouraging them to leave a review. It is entirely up to them. Only guests who have stayed in your property can add reviews.   

Why should I leave a review? 
Reviews are great ways of leaving your feedback and help future guests and Owners maximize their experiences.   

How do reviews work? 
They go both ways. An Owner will review his Guest and the Guest will review his Owner and property. Whether you are an Owner or a Guest, you will have the opportunity to leave reviews after your rent is complete. Reviews are written by users who have booked their rent through AggarInEgypt and would like to share their experience with others. In your review, you may include photos or videos of your experience. If you’re new to the site and don’t have any reviews yet, don’t worry, we’ll help you get started and very soon you’ll be seeing brand new reviews! Reviews are also one of our safety features. They allow us to ensure the reliability of both Owners and Guests, providing a platform for users to build a positive reputation within the AggarInEgypt community.  

Why some properties don’t have any reviews? 
Some listings may be brand new on AggarInEgypt, or it is possible previous guests have not left a review yet. Over time, listings gradually acquire reviews.

When do I review or get reviewed? 
Within 24 hours of a completed experience, you will receive an automated email from AggarInEgypt asking you to leave a review of your Owner / property or Guest. Please do so! Simply click the link in the email or log in to AggarInEgypt.com and click “Write a review” button in your dashboard.   

What happens if I get a bad review? 
Try to use it as a way of improving your service. At AggarInEgypt we value reviews and keep them 100% authentic. Bad reviews included! One way to handle a bad review is to reach out to your reviewer, find out more about why they wrote the review, and how you can improve for the next review. If you need help on how to deal with a bad review, don't hesitate to contact Customer Service.  

Can I get recommended by another User? 
Yes! We allow for any registered User to recommend an Owner or a property. Through recommendations. Once a rent takes place, both Guests and Owners receive an email prompting them to review and recommend each other. Reviews and recommendations are suggested and encouraged, but completely optional.                   

Cancelling and Rescheduling:

What if my guests cancel the booking? 
We have different cancellation policies available for you. Each one has different implications for Owner and Guests. Please read our Cancellation Policies below for more information. Guests may cancel the reservation at any time by clicking the cancel button under the “action wheel” in the booking they wish to cancel, in the “Trips” section of the Dashboard. Cancellations are treated according to the Owner’s Cancellation Policy and Owner will refund the amount directly to the Guest.  

What if the Owner cancels? 
If an Owner cancels a booking at any time, Guests may choose to either: 
Receive a full refund or agree with the Owner for a different booking date either at the same price or at a different price. However, we take reliability very seriously. Although we understand that some emergency situations are inevitable, if an Owner displays a pattern of canceling or not showing up, they will be removed from the site. Our customer support department will personally assist you in finding a replacement guide in the case of cancellations.

Cancellation Policies: 

At AggarInEgypt there are 3 types of cancellation policies. Each owner chooses the policy that best fits their needs. 
Flexible: Guest will get 100% of his money back if he cancels 7 Days before the Check-in date.
Moderate: Guest will get 80% of his money back if he cancels 7 Days before Check-in date. Strict: Guest will get 70% of his money back if he cancels 7 Days before Check-in data. AggarInEgypt hopes to mediate any disputes if necessary and reserves the right to have the final say in all disputes.  

How does AggarInEgypt ensure trust and safety? 
We use authentic reviews, and social connections to help reinforce security in our marketplace. We also provide our users with the tools they need to FLAG Owners, properties or Guests and a system for Owners and Guests to contact each other beforehand.  


How can I protect myself as an Owner? 
Make sure to screen the “Know your Guest” form and reviews of all your potential Guests. Remember to read any reviews left by other Owner. If their profiles don’t have enough information, feel free to ask potential Guests to complete their profiles before booking with you or answer any questions you might have.  

How can I protect myself as a guest? 
Make sure to screen the profiles and reviews of all the Owners you are considering. Remember to read any reviews left by other Guests. If their profiles don’t have enough information, feel free to ask possible Owner to complete their profiles before booking with them or answer any questions you might have. You can also search the site for Owners with a strong reputation. Make sure to keep all your communication within the AggarInEgypt website. Use the messaging system to learn about your hosts and to clarify any questions about the price and amenities for the listing. We encourage both parties to have a written contract, a sample of the legal contract is available for use in the Blogs tab, and to document any amount of money paid by a receipt.  

Do you offer any insurance? 
AggarInEgypt does not offer insurance. However, Owners can insure their properties with any insurance company in Egypt against damage. Check with your local insurance provider for options. We will soon have a link in our Useful links for insurance companies to offer this service.  

Why is it necessary to keep all communications on AggarInEgypt? 
It helps keep you safe. Vacation rentals have always been somewhat of a gamble. At AggarInEgypt we use our review and communication systems to help ensure the safety of both Guests and Owners. By keeping a complete documented record of communications, we can give better assistance through customer support. Our review system, which we keep 100% accurate, helps us guarantee we only list good quality properties and experiences. The clear cancellation policy ensures a fair deal for everybody.  

How does AggarInEgypt verify user information? 

As a marketplace, we do not perform background checks on users, although we do reserve the right to do so within our discretion. However, we provide a few features to build trust and safety on the site.

What scams should I watch out for? 
Make sure to read reviews and note whether an Owner or Guest has been FLAGGED. Any requests to make or receive payments before having a booking acceptance on AggarInEgypt system should be respectfully declined. All payment should be documented by receipts and a contract in writing should be signed by both parties.  

How does AggarInEgypt help avoid fraudulent Owners?

Since we do not handle rental payment on Aggarinegypt.com, we believe that profile pages, reviews, and the FLAGGING system help identify fraudulent Owners who are promptly removed from our website. If profiles don’t have enough information, feel free to ask possible Guests or Owners to complete their profiles before booking with them or answer any questions you might have. 

Which Internet browsers work best on AggarInEgypt? 
To take advantage of the speed and security AggarInEgypt has to offer, we recommend upgrading your Internet browser. For the best experience, Bing, Google Chrome and Firefox.                        


Listing Property:

Who can list a property on AggarinEgypt.com?
Anyone can join AggarInEgypt.com, it is free of charge, in a few minutes. Some great pictures, a nice description, your address on Google Maps a reasonable price and how it is paid, and it’s done. Adjust your Calendar. Mark previously booked dates, un-available dates and the rest dates will be available for guests to send booking requests. Special prices can be added to the Calendar for Special days like Eid or Xmas and other Holidays.

What kind of properties can be listed on AggarInEgypt? 

Any property worth staying at can be posted on our site. If your property type is not listed on the 
List Your property section, please contact our customer support team support@aggarinegypt.com and we will be happy to help you.

How much does it cost to list a property on AggarInEgypt? 
Currently, listing a Property is completely free! We charge do not charge any commission or charges for either Owners or Guests.

How do I create a listing on AggarInEgypt?
·         Log on to Aggarinegypt.com
·         Click Owners → “List your property” fill out all the necessary information. Be sure to include high-quality photos and specific details about your property, such as house rules, key handover details, necessary equipment, and other relevant information.
·         Don’t worry about reviews and recommendations. You will slowly get them as you book and offer your property!  

What kind of pictures should I upload?
  Your photos should show your guests the rooms they will have access to, such as the bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, terrace, and make sure to upload pictures of your property view. Upload good pictures to attract Guests. Every listing is allowed to upload up to 15 pictures. Every picture should not exceed 15MB size. Our recommended photo size is 1900x950 pixels.  

Does AggarInEgypt have photography service? 

AggarInEgypt tries to assist Owners in improving the quality of their listings whenever possible. You might find professional photography service in our Useful Links tab. 

Where can I find my listings? 
You can reach your listings either from Owner tab under “My properties” or in “My property tab” in your dashboard.  

I just listed my property, why isn’t it visible to other users? 

In order to maintain the high quality of our listings, we review each offer before approval. Uploading good quality photos and providing complete information about your property will help speed up the review process. If your listing still doesn't appear in the search results within 48 hours, please contact our customer support team
support@aggarinegypt.com for further advice.

How long do I have to wait before my property is visible? 
We usually, respond within 48 hours of your request and inform of approval, denial, or a request for more information. 

Other things you can do to help speed up the process:
    • Make sure your title and descriptions are clear.
    • Check your spelling and grammar.
    • Review your photos to ensure high-quality images.  
    • Fill out your user profile with as much relevant information as possible.
  47.  Can I edit my listing after it has been published? 
Yes. Simply log in to your account and go to “My properties” section. You can edit photos, descriptions, pricing, and more.  

How do I disable/enable my listing? 
You can disable your listing at any time from the “My properties” section and you can enable is at your convenience.  

How can my listing be featured higher in the search results? 

Your listing can be featured higher, can appear in our home page “Featured units” carousel for a fee. Fees will be published as soon as payment via credit cards are enabled on the site.
50.  What is a “Booking Request”?

What is a “Know Your Guest” form?

What is a “Negotiation Request”?

How does negotiation work?

How can I set a special price?

How can I make my property unavailable in certain dates?

How can I cancel a booking after accepting it?

What should I keep in mind when Listing a property? 
You should present your accommodation in an informative manner, highlighting the details, and clearly stating all commodities. You will be asked to create a title, upload photos, and describe your property. Make sure you include details, such as price, location, amenities, property type, minimum stay, the maximum number of guests, nearby attractions, and anything that makes your property interesting. Do not include contact details (email, phone, etc.) in the title, description of the property, or house rules. These will be provided to the guest upon booking completion.   

How is the location of a property displayed? 
We are integrated with Google Maps. Your location will be displayed on the map. We display your location on the map of the area. The exact street address is withheld in order to protect your privacy. Guests will only receive your full address and location once the booking has been accepted by you.  

Can I list my property if it is outside of Egypt? 
Currently, we are only covering all popular destination of Egypt.  

Can I request a security deposit for my property?

You can ask the Guest to pay a security deposit in case there are any damages to your property during a rent. Owners can choose to handle the deposit off-site, provided it is clearly stated in the contract between the two parties and clearly agreed with the Guest. We will be introducing very soon the
AggarInEgypt Security Deposit System and will be communicated to all members shortly.

What's the difference between a house manual and house rules? 
The House Manual is a way of letting your guests know how the property works. For example, it may include internet password, Garage remote control location, instructions on how to use the washer, where you keep the coffee, a contact number, and other information to help your guest have a pleasant stay. We recommend you keep a physical copy of the House Manual on the property and let your guest know where you keep it. 

The House Rules are the do’s and don’ts of the property. For example, you’d like guests to turn off the water heater when not in use or avoid a specific room. This is also where you let your guests know whether smoking, pets, parties and other behaviors are allowed. Make sure to let your guests know the House Rules well in advance. We recommend you keep a visible copy of the House Rules on the property. 

62.  How the Calendar Works?
It is important to always keep your calendar updated since Guests rely on it to verify available dates. The color code below the calendar explains it all. The minute you accept a new booking, the calendar will change and reflect that booked dates.  

How Do I Edit My Calendar If I Am an Owner? 
You can manage your calendar at Owners → Calendar or your profile dashboard → My properties → Calendar → "Special Price" if you choose “Not Available” and set the “From” & “To” date the calendar will lock this duration and make it Unavailable for booking. 
Remember, there is one calendar for every property you list which have its own availability and pricing. 
The calendar is set up so the customer can see available or unavailable days. This will help you manage check-in and check-out dates. 


I've received a Property “Booking Request”. Now what? 
When a guest makes a “booking request” for your property, you will receive an email including a “Know Your Guest” form which tells you all about your Guest, except his contact details, and help you decide whether you will accept or reject the booking. The email has links to “Accept” or “Reject” the incoming booking.
When you “Accept” the booking, you will receive a new email revealing your Guest contact details, so you can contact him/her to agree on the financial settlement.  

I just “Accepted” a booking, now what do I do? 
Once you have “Accepted” a booking, your contact details will be sent to your Guest and you will receive an email revealing his contact details. It is time to contact each other and meet to settle the financial matter directly between you. Make sure to clearly communicate how the handover of keys will take place on the Check-in date.  

66.  Will Aggar in Egypt charge me for the booking?
No. Aggar in Egypt will not charge any Commission or Fees on the booking. It is FREE for both the Owner and the Guest.  

How can I communicate with my guest? 
Before you “Accept” the booking, you can communicate with the Potential Guest using our secure messaging service to work out any details you wish to discuss. You'll need to be logged in to your account to view and send messages. When you receive a message from a Guest, you may view it in your inbox. After you “Accept” the booking, your contact details and your Guest contact details will be revealed and you can communicate directly to finalize financial settlement (Payment of advance, sign contract, receipt & agree on final payment)  

Can I ask guests to provide more information about themselves? 
Yes. Asking questions is a great way to build rapport, learn about your guest’s preferences and expectations, and make sure your house rules are fully communicated. Feel free to ask Guests whatever you deem necessary, including details about their arrival, how many people are coming and their relation to them, the purpose of their stay, and anything else you would like to know. Just make sure to keep your communications and transactions within the AggarInEgypt messaging system. However, we do not recommend exchanging contact information within our messaging system for security reasons.   

Can I ask guests to complete their profiles before accepting a reservation? 
Yes. If a Guest has not completed their profile, you may ask them to do so and provide any information you deem necessary, including uploading a picture, etc.   

May I reject a “Booking Request” even though my property is available? 
If you are not convinced about a potential Guest, you are, of course, allowed to reject their bookings.  

How does the handover of keys work? 
The handover of keys should be agreed upon between the Owner and Guest in advance, and should happen as planned, whether the keys are handed over personally or by a third party. Remember to be clear with your Guest about how the key exchange will work and remind them of how it will take place after you “Accept” a booking.  

What if my guest cancels?
If your Guest Cancels, the cancellation policy according to your property listing will apply. Visit our Cancellation policy section on the General FAQ page.    

AggarInEgypt FAQ Guests:

73.  Why do I need to sign up to make a booking? 
Signing up allows Aggar in Egypt community to know each other better. It will allow us to keep better control, record communications between Owners and Guests, and ensure a better quality of service. It will also allow for the reviews and recommendations process.

Why do some listings only contain a few photos? 

We ask Owners to upload a minimum of one photo and we allow them up to 15 photos for each listing. If you would like to see more photos of a listing, try contacting the Owner with your request via our messaging system.

How much does it cost to book on AggarInEgypt?
There is no cost to book on AggarInEgypt. It is FREE of any COMMISSIONS OR Charges for both Guests and Owners.

When will I pay for my booking? 
  Based on your “Booking Request” the Owner has set an advance payment percentage; this amount will be due for payment when the Owner “Accept” your booking. You can, then, contact each other and agree on financial settlement directly between you. We do not handle rental payment on our platform.  

Can I change my mind after I make a booking? 

You may cancel a booking at any time by clicking the “Trips” tab on your dashboard. Click the cancel button next to the booking you wish to cancel. If you have paid an “Advance”, contact the Owner to get a refund which will be subject to the Cancellation policy you have agreed to when you made the booking. Bookings canceled before an Owner “Accept” or you have paid the “Advance” payment will have no impact and no penalty.

How long does it usually take to receive an “Accept” or “Reject” from an Owner? 
  Our policy requires our Owners to respond to booking requests within 24 hours. If a host does not respond within 24 hours, the booking request is automatically canceled. Sometimes time zone differences can delay responses. If your booking request expires or is rejected by the Owner, you can start a new search.  

How can I change the date or times of my reservation? 

if you did not receive a booking “Accept” from the Owner, simply cancel your reservation and make a new one with the new dates. If the Owner “Accepted” your reservation, contact him to make sure they are available for the new date and time. If you cannot agree on new date, you may have to cancel the reservation and Cancellation policy will apply.

How do I contact a possible Owner? 
You may use the messaging system to contact Owners. We are happy to encourage communication between Owners and Guests. However, we do not recommend the exchange of contact information before booking is “Accepted” to respect the privacy of both Owners and Guests.  

What if the Owner cancels? 
If an Owner cancels a booking at any time, you will be entitled to a full refund. We take reliability very seriously. Although we understand that some emergency situations are inevitable, if an Owner displays a pattern of canceling or not showing up, they will be removed from the site. Our customer support department will personally assist you in finding a replacement in the case of cancellations.

How many people can stay in a particular property? 
The maximum number of guests will vary between properties. It is mentioned in the property details.  

Can I bring my pet? 
Amenities and accommodations vary depending on the Owner. If your Owner has not specified policy on pets on the listing, feel free to contact them through our messaging system and ask if they allow pets. If you have a pet and need lodging during your vacation, you can check our Useful Links for Animal Lodging facilities.