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How it Works

How it works for Owners: 

AggarInEgypt.com allows you to list your property, free of charge, and make it available for thousands of Guests to book in a few simple steps:
1-       Register your profile 
2-       List your property. (Activate or De-activate)
3-       Receive booking request 
4-       Accept / Reject the booking request. 
5-       Contact the Guest and Get advance payment. 
6-       Check-In your guest and get the balance payment 
7-       Check-Out your guest 
8-       Review your Guest   

List your property:
-          Add your Unit to AggarinEgypt.com Free of charge, in a few minutes. Some great pictures, a nice description, your address on Google Maps a reasonable price and how it is paid, and it’s done
-          Adjust your Calendar. Mark previously booked dates, un-available dates and the rest dates will be available for guests to send booking requests.
-          Sync your calendar with other sites like Airbnb or booking.com to avoid any double booking.
-          Special prices can be added to the Calendar for Special days like Eid or Xmas and other Holidays.   

Accept / Reject Booking Request from Guests:
-          You will receive a booking request via email and messages in your profile Inbox. You need to reply within 24 Hours. If you don’t it will be canceled automatically, and you will not be able to contact the guest.
-          When you receive a booking request from a Guest, you will get detailed information about your guest. A “Know your Guest” form and/or social media profile allowing you to decide on whether to accept or reject the booking.
-          If you accept the booking: 
1) Contact information of both you and your guest will be revealed, and you can communicate directly to agree on payment procedures. (both advance payment and balance payment are done directly between you and the guest, not through the site. No Commissions, No Charges.)
2) Your property Calendar will be marked as booked for the dates requested to avoid any double booking. And your unit will not show as available in new searches.
-          If you decide to reject the booking, your contact information will not be revealed to the guest avoiding any embarrassment. 

Contact the Guest and get an advance payment to guarantee the booking:
-          Now, you accepted the booking, you can contact the Guest and agree on the payment procedure and timing, the price has been fixed and agreed by the Guest when he/she sent the booking request. 

Get ready, Check-In your Guest:
-          Before your Guest arrives, make sure your place is clean and tidy and you’ve provided your guest with clean towels and bedding. Make sure that you or someone is available to allow your Guest in on time. Remember too, little welcome treats can do miracles. 

Check-Out your guest on time:
-          Make sure that you or someone is available to allow your Guest out on time. 

Review your Guest on the site.

How it works for Guests

Aggar in Egypt allows you to book your short vacation in a few simple steps:

1-      Choose your dream unit. (Location, Check-in / Check-out dates & number of guests)
2-      Add filters if you wish to zoom in closer to your choice (Price, number of bedrooms, amenities, etc.)
3-      Review booking summary. The number of nights, Check-In / Check-Out dates, Price details including advance payment and the balance payment.
4-      Complete your “know your guest” form to help the owner knows you better and accepts your booking.
5-      Send a "booking request" to the owner. (by sending booking request you agree to the booking summary details, price and payment terms, and cancellation policy.)
6-      When the Owner accepts your booking, you will receive email and message to your profile Inbox. All contact details for both of you and the Owner will be revealed and you can directly communicate together to proceed in the payment as agreed in the booking request. (No payment is done through our site. We only introduce Owners to Guests.)
7-      Within 24 Hours if Owner rejects, or does not respond to your booking, it will be automatically canceled, and you can search for a new Unit.
8-      If you have any questions before sending your booking request, you can contact the owner through our direct messaging system.
9-      If you don’t find your desired property, you can post a booking request. Owners will see it and make you an offer for their available units. You can accept it or reject it. If you leave it without an answer for 24 hours, it will automatically expire.
10-   On Check-in date, the Owner will allow you in the unit to enjoy your great vacation.
11-   After check-out, we encourage you to “Review” the property, the owner and upload any photos or videos for the Unit. Enjoy your vacation with AggarInEgypt.com